What makes Cheryl Unique as a Health Coach

Cheryl Dickinson is a Certified Health Coach, Transformational coach and Life Coach with an emphasis in advanced nutrition.  Cheryl also is a Z-Health Movement Specialist and a Reiki Master since 2004 giving her a holistic approach to Health Coaching.  Cheryl niche is  helping women over 40 find the right diet for their unique body and lose weight, so they can discover the love of healthy food.

Before I found Health Coaching,  I struggled with maintaining balance in my diet. Losing weigh was always something I was working on.  I would often binge on sweets and overeat. Holidays would turn into a holi-months!  I would guesstimate in my life,  I had gained and lost over 300 pounds or even more.   I found dieting did not teach me how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

When I started working with a Health Coach,  I saw my life and balance with my diet shift from a diet to a lifestyle.  I realized that weight loss was more than just what I ate and how much exercised.  The shift came in connecting with what I wanted and who I was being, allowing me to become what I dreamed of and more!

My journey has not been about being perfect.   It is about making huge shifts in my mind set and learning how to anchor in my deep desires.    In this work I was able to inspire a powerful vision for myself, connect to that vision and make huge  shifts into freedom to truly be myself.  I would often say that they should develop a method to teach lifestyle and how to operate your body starting at birth.  This journey has led me to becoming a Health coach and helping others stop the dieting and get a desired lifestyle,   It is my soul purpose to inspire you to be your best self!

Before and after:


Before Cheryl became a Health Coach,  She struggled to sustain a healthy eating pattern and would often revert back to old habits after having just one bad meal.  She would always let one slip derail her from staying on track to lose weight.   It was the old  I ate too many chips,  I may as well eat the whole bag!   Her entire life I was yo-yo dieting and losing and gaining the same weight over and over.  The only problem was when She gained weight,  I would seem to gain a little more than she lost and felt like she I could never get a break.  Now Cheryl knows that she can have a fun day being bad  and just go back on a healthy diet that works for my body without playing with a yo-yo!  She also learned that maintaining a healthy body and life style was not just about diet and exercise alone.   It was about learning to cope with stress and altering past stories that shaped her beliefs.  The cherry on the top was  uncovering what  she wanted and how to go about getting it with a deep connection to my true self. I learned how to make healthy habits stick!

Turning point:


In my life journey while struggling with weight loss, I later also developed severe inflammation and crippling pain.   I was diagnosed with inflammatory disease called AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis ).   I tried everything and spent thousands of dollars trying to find a solutions to my pain and the weight kept creeping on.  While after 5 years I made great strides in losing some weight and exercising, I still had to take some pretty toxic meds to keep the inflammation away.


 In the first six months working with a health coach,  I was able to fine tune my diet to include foods that work with my body.  I uncovered what I really wanted in my life and made choices that would move me to realize my deepest desires.  I learned new hacks to handle stress and conquer my sweet tooth.  I stopped judging myself and started a self inquiries with curiosity and love..  The best news was though this work, I have been able to eliminate the toxic medication from my life and stop the yo-yo dieting!  I knew my struggles with my weight and pain were leading me to my purpose. My purpose to become a Health Coach and inspire others was born!

*Health Coach Institute is CCE Accredited from the International Coach Federation (ICF)